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Trent's Endorsements

We have received more endorsements than those listed here. Stay tuned for updates. 

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Sharen Wilson -  Tarrant County District Attorney

Dee Kelly. Jr. - Partner Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP

Fort Worth POA

Jan Moncrief - Fort Worth Civic Leader

Hon. Barbara Nash - Former State Representative

Texas Home School Coalition


Tarrant County Candidate Straw Poll - Hurst Center 72% votes

Tarrant County Republican Club PAC


Roy English - Former Tarrant County Judge

Harold Johnson - President-Elect of Tarrant County Criminal Defense Bar


Robert Blankenship - President Elect - Tarrant County Family Bar Association


John and Barbara Foster - Arlington Civic Leaders


Spring and Jeff McCurdy - Arlington Civic Leaders

Harold Johnson - VPresident Elect of Tarrant County Criminal Defense Bar

J. C. Williams - Former Homicide Detective FTW PD, TCU Deputy Chief

Mattie Parker -  Fort Worth Mayor

John Huffman - Mayor of Southlake


Hon. Diane Patrick - Former State Rep.

Texas Home School Coalition

Grapevine Republican Club

Link Letter Tarrant County

True Texas Project (THEY DO NOT ENDORSE - List of Recommendations of 7 Votes)

Bobby Patton Jr. - Patton Energy and owner of LA Dodgers


Jim Ross - Mayor of Arlington 

Dr. James McCulley - Chair Department of Ophthalmology U.T. Southwestern Medical Center

Wes Turner - Van Cliburn Advisory Board

David Roditi - Head Tennis Coach - Texas Christian University 


Carl Cravens - Arlington Civic Leader

Steve McGee - Former Chief of Police TCU

David Rubinson - former Head Soccer Coach TCU

Leaders and

Sherri Heinzman - Area Leader HD 96. Pct. Chair 2360

Michelle Sanchez Precinct Chair #1004

Kitty Berger Precinct Chair #1108

Dayna Oliver Precinct Chair #4340 

Joel Starnes Precinct Chair #3698 

Lisa Grimaldi Precinct Chair #4429

Stephanie Foster - Family Attorney

Trey and Jennifer Loftin

Jerry J Loftin

Jerry and Wanda Strysky 

Ellen and Scott Fleischmann

Chris Spalding

Amy and Tony Pettitt

Randy and Kelly Meyer

Karie and Terry Wilkinson

BeAnn and Roland Arthur 

Justin and Evin Sisemore

Jim and Molly Renforth

Shirley Turner

Brian and Lizette Feld

Robert and Cynthia Hoover

Steve and Jillian Lemonds

John and Carole Lemonds

Marc and Ann Cafaro

Brandon McCarthy

Rene Flores

Edward Jones

Vandaleria Mallman

Evandro Caregnato

Sam Gibbons

Keith Kidwill

Billy Woodrich

Camilla and Roy Newman

Dr. Jack and Tommie Brooks

Dr. Al and Regina Humphrey

Dave and Katie Scallon

Quinn and Jill Mentone

Dr. Victor Levy

Keith Spalding

Scott and Laura Deskins

Jon and Jenny Castor

Kirk and Kristen Godby

Brandon Hunter

Gary Linville

Kyle Whitaker

Thomas Michelle 

Eric Fox

David Wynne

Jeff Branch

Thomas Maxwell Smith

Allen Dobbins

Michael Flores

Shelly Cooper

Drew Williiamson

Lynne Milford

Dixie McIver Martin and Tom Martin

Brandon Baker

Katherine and Brian Ridenour

Jeff and Emily Michero

Melissa Swann

Steve and Cathy Handy

Chris and Lyndsay Greer

Tom and Susan Durant

Bales Nelson

Shane Lewis

Julie Phillips Ellison

Richard Gilbert

Skylar Gilbert

Bret Young

Shelly and David Redmond

Connor McCourt

Symon and Sarah Biegel

Matt and Vivian Campbell

Matt Howard

John Regan

Al and Erin Silva 

Bryce and Barrie Grisoli

Dr. Mylinh Vu Tran

Kelly and Stephan Gamill

Angie and John Bates

Koy Killen

Dr. Tyson Hale

Duchess Galbraith

Bernard Deaton

Thong Nguyen

Stephanie and Josh Laird

Zeb and Allison Pent

Jeff Kennedy

Elaine Morris

Bob Stewart

Carolyn and Ed Bell

Ann-Maree and Hayden Harrison

April and Marshall Jacobini

Dr. Peter Ku

James and Mary Funke

Scott and Allison Fitzgerald

Rusty and Carole Wood

Tom and Marti Mueller

Grahm Blake

Charles Hamm

Suzanne Blake

Ron Baker

Dr. Gene and Dianne Schoch

Butch and Sandra Luskey


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